Diane L Reynolds

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OBJECTIVE To review prevention programs, psychosocial and psychopharmacologic treatments, and service delivery configurations for children and adolescents with maladaptive aggression. To propose a research agenda for disorders of aggression in child and adolescent psychiatry. DATA SOURCES Recent empirical studies were reviewed using searches of MEDLINE(More)
Cervical cancer is largely preventable if detected early. Minority populations and people of low socioeconomic status are affected disproportionately by cervical cancer. When compared to non-Hispanic white women, Hispanic/Latino women residing in the United States have twice the incidence rate of and 1.4 times the mortality from cervical cancer.(More)
The study involves a combination of laboratory and field research to develop materials, construction, and structural specifications and to construct low-cracking, high-performance concrete (LC-HPC) bridge decks. To date, 20 bridge decks have been built, 14 in Kansas and six in partner states, using a full complement of best practices. All but one of the(More)
The use of lightweight aggregates to supply a source of internal curing for Low Cracking, High Performance Concrete (LC-HPC) is evaluated. Prior research is used as a basis to estimate the amount of with lightweight aggregate replacement needed to optimize the amount of moisture available in the mix for internal curing. An aggregate optimization program (KU(More)
BACKGROUND Vitamin D, which influences cellular proliferation and breast tissue characteristics, has been inversely correlated with breast cancer risk. Dietary vitamin D intake has been associated with lower mammographic density (MD), a strong intermediate marker of breast cancer risk. FINDINGS We examined the relationship between MD and serum(More)
Autogenous shrinkage, however, is not a concern at the w/cm used in bridge decks, which are typically greater than 0.42. Research using porous normalweight aggregates in combination with slag cement as a partial replacement for portland cement has demonstrated that the combination can significantly reduce shrinkage compared to concretes containing porous(More)
Alcohol consumption is associated with higher breast cancer risk. While studies suggest a modest association between alcohol intake and mammographic density, few studies have examined the association in racial/ethnic minority populations. We assessed dense breast area and total breast area from digitized film mammograms in an urban cohort of African(More)
  • Gary van Vuuren, Krishnan Ramadurai, Eileen Fahey, Ian Linnell, Diane Reynolds
  • 2007
„ Executive Summary This paper addresses the role of credit risk within internal economic capital models in assessing risk appetite and capital adequacy in Fitch's assignment of credit ratings. Other papers addressing related issues such as the role of market, operational risks individually and in combination with credit risk in the context of economic(More)
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