Diane K Shrier

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The authors developed reliable clinical rating scales to compare 35 children with school phobia and their families with a matched sample of children with other neuroses and their families. Twice as many school phobic children as children with other neuroses showed excessive separation anxiety, dependency, and depression. Although a mutually(More)
This review of the psychoanalytic, developmental, and other relevant theoretical and research literature on mother daughter relationships was undertaken as part of an ongoing research study, Generation to Generation. Mother-Daughter Physicians (Shrier and Shrier 2000, 2002b). The review focuses particularly on mothers and their adult daughters during the(More)
Over the past century and continuing to evolve into the twenty-first century, there have been dramatic changes in work and personal/family lives within the United States. These changes, though strongly affecting men and children, have impacted most dramatically on women's lives, particularly white, middle-class women. Psychiatrists and other mental health(More)
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