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In an adolescent medicine clinic with more than 1,000 patients during 1982-1984, 11 male adolescents reported a history of sexual molestation by females. This molestation had commonly involved acquaintances and was unlikely to have been accompanied by threats of violence or physical coercion. One-fourth of the victims of both male and female molesters(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine bias and sexual harassment experiences of physician mothers and their physician daughters; correlations of these experiences with career satisfaction, stress at work, stress at home, and percentage of women in specialty; and influences of the mother on her daughter's experiences. METHODS A convenience sample of 214 families with(More)
Most information pertaining to male child sexual abuse victims is derived from cases presenting to the criminal-justice system, the mental-health system, hospital emergency rooms, and retrospective studies of college populations, all of which may be biased samples. This paper reports a six-year experience in an adolescent medicine clinic in which all(More)
  • D K Shrier
  • 1990
Sexual harassment and sexual discrimination continue to be pervasive problems for women in business, academia, and medicine, with widespread and often serious health, emotional, and economic consequences. It is important that health care providers become aware of the common physical and emotional symptoms associated with these victimization experiences and(More)
An ongoing clinical research project on sexual victimization of boys was begun in 1982. The study population is boys aged 12 to 21 years attending an adolescent medicine clinic for reasons other than having been sexually abused. More recently, comparison populations have been obtained from a sexual abuse clinic, from an adolescent medicine clinic for girls,(More)
The authors developed reliable clinical rating scales to compare 35 children with school phobia and their families with a matched sample of children with other neuroses and their families. Twice as many school phobic children as children with other neuroses showed excessive separation anxiety, dependency, and depression. Although a mutually(More)
Subclinical hyperthyroidism is an increasingly recognized entity that is defined as a normal serum free thyroxine and free triiodothyronine levels with a thyroid-stimulating hormone level suppressed below the normal range and usually undetectable. The thyroid-stimulating hormone value is typically measured in a third-generation assay capable of detecting(More)
Over the past century and continuing to evolve into the twenty-first century, there have been dramatic changes in work and personal/family lives within the United States. These changes, though strongly affecting men and children, have impacted most dramatically on women's lives, particularly white, middle-class women. Psychiatrists and other mental health(More)