Diane K. Lavett

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Since the inception of (the Global Elimination of Blinding Trachoma) GET 2020 in 1997 and the implementation of the SAFE strategy a year later, much progress has been made toward lowering the prevalence of trachoma worldwide with elimination of the disease in some countries. However, high recurrence of trichiasis after surgery, difficulty in controlling the(More)
Considerable homology was detected between promoter regions and introns of the same gene for each of the six genes in the human globin complex. In addition, homology between a promoter region of one gene and an intron of a second gene was observed. Each of the six genes also had extensive stem-loop structures in the promoter region. When the stretches of(More)
The presence of two markers on chromosome 9, both a balanced reciprocal translocation and an inversion, allows morphologic demonstration of recombination between the normal and rearranged homologues. In the family under discussion 50% of the progeny studied (two of four) received a translocated 9 without the inversion from a parent with a translocated and(More)
An extensive stem-loop structure was found in the A gamma-globin promoter region. Intron transcripts from epsilon-globin, A gamma-globin, delta-globin, and beta-globin were complementary to the loop sequence. A model for globin-switching based upon changes in DNA secondary structure and intron transcript pairing was proposed. Pairing of the epsilon intron(More)
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