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UNLABELLED The ability of rare earth cerium oxide (CeO(2)) nanoparticles to confer radioprotection against gastrointestinal epithelium was examined. The pretreatment of normal human colon cells (CRL 1541) with varying concentrations of CeO(2) nanoparticles 24 hours before single-dose radiation exposure conferred protection from radiation-induced cell death(More)
In an effort to combat the harmful effects of radiation exposure, we propose that rare-earth cerium oxide (CeO(2)) nanoparticles (free-radical scavengers) protect normal tissue from radiation-induced damage. Preliminary studies suggest that these nanoparticles may be a therapeutic regenerative nanomedicine that will scavenge reactive oxygen species, which(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to assess the residual setup error of different image-guidance (IG) protocols in the alignment of patients with head and neck cancer. The protocols differ in the percentage of treatment fractions that are associated with image guidance. Using data from patients who were treated with daily IG, the residual setup errors for(More)