Diane J Flint

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PURPOSE Child abuse is a disturbingly common finding in society today. There have been substantial and significant increases in the incidence of child abuse since the last national incidence study was conducted in 1986. Kassebaum first reported the under-reporting of child abuse by Texas dental professionals in a survey in 1986. The objective of the current(More)
The potential for cross-contamination in dental radiology is extremely high, especially when intraoral radiographs are exposed and processed. This report describes specific infection control practices that are recommended to decrease the potential for cross-contamination in dental radiology and reduce the likelihood of disease transmission.
BACKGROUND Vocal dysfunction in patients with thyroid pathology has been poorly documented, and dysfunction after thyroid surgery is generally reported in terms of recurrent laryngeal nerve or external laryngeal nerve palsy. But voice dysfunction is more complex than simply nerve integrity. The present study reports the incidence of dysphonia in patients(More)
OBJECTIVE This study compared panoramic and intraoral radiographic surveys in the evaluation of specific dental pathoses in Air Force personnel. STUDY DESIGN The radiographs of 30 subjects were read singly and in various combinations: panoramic survey only; periapicals plus bitewings; panoramic survey plus bitewings; and panoramic survey plus periapicals(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to correlate the position of impacted maxillary canines on panoramic radiography with cone beam CT (CBCT) and analyse the labiopalatal position of canines and root resorption of permanent incisors in CBCT according to the mesiodistal position of canines on panoramic radiographs. METHODS This study was a retrospective(More)
A pilot study evaluated a computer-based method for comparing digital dental images, utilizing a registration algorithm to correct for variations in projection geometry between images prior to a subtraction analysis. A numerical assessment of similarity was generated for pairs of images. Using well-controlled laboratory settings, the method was evaluated as(More)