Diane I. Doser

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Focal depths from over 1000 earthquakes occuring between 1977 and 1983 in the Imperial Valleysouthern Peninsular Ranges are used to study relationships between the depth of seismicity, heat flow, and crustal structure. This study used relocated A and B quality events from the California Institute of Technology catalog that were carefully selected to insure(More)
We present statistical and interval techniques for evaluating the uncertainties associated with geophysical tomographic inversion problems, including estimation of data errors, model errors, and total solution uncertainties. These techniques are applied to the inversion of traveltime data collected in a cross well seismic experiment. The inversion method(More)
We have begun to develop a model of the North African lithosphere via an integrated analysis of seismic, potential field, and geologic data. These data will be used to construct detailed 2-D models of the region and a geological and geophysical data base which will be made available to the scientific community. The detailed 2-D lithospheric models will be(More)
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