Diane Humphrey

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Two unique cases of rheumatoid nodules affecting the larynx are reported. These subcutaneous nodules represent localized laryngeal involvement from autoimmune disorders. The otolaryngologist should be aware of these possibilities as part of the differential diagnosis in the workup of dysphonia.
Nasal resistances were measured before and after decongestion of the nasal mucosa by posterior rhinomanometry with a head-out body plethysmograph in 95 adults referred to our nasal airflow laboratory. These resistances were calculated by a time averaging method (1), the equation R = delta P/V at delta P 1.0 cm H2O (2) and R = delta P/V at the point of peak(More)
The pulse-contour (PC) method continuously derives the cardiac output in litres per minute from the arterial pressure wave form by using a portable analogue computer. The reliability of the PC method in determining cardiac output was studied in 6 patients during anaesthetic induction for cardiac surgery. The results obtained with the PC method using the(More)
A new simple anaesthetic breathing system is described which has been designed to incorporate into a single system advantages of Mapleson A, D and E type systems. Coaxial and non-coaxial versions are available. The system can be used for adults, children or neonates and allows both spontaneous or controlled ventilation with low fresh gas flows at all times.(More)
The effects of atracurium on intraocular pressure (IOP) were compared with those of pancuronium in 20 patients less than 45 years-of-age requiring surgery for trauma of one eye. After a standard premedication and the application of topical analgesia to the upper airway, anaesthesia was induced with thiopentone i.v. and the trachea was intubated without the(More)
A clinical trial involving ten anaesthetized adult patients was conducted during controlled ventilation using the Humphrey A.D.E. system in the Mapleson "E" mode (lever down). With each patient acting as his or her own control, the parallel (non-coaxial) and coaxial versions of the single lever Humphrey A.D.E. system were compared, using capnography, to the(More)
  • D Humphrey
  • Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine
  • 1982
The performances of the Lack (Mapleson A), Magill (Mapleson A) and Bain (Mapleson D) anaesthetic breathing systems were compared in each of 20 anaesthetized adult patients breathing spontaneously with fresh gas flows of 70 ml kg-1 min-1. In every patient the Lack system caused the least rebreathing, as seen by the lowest inspired and end-expired CO2(More)
Rigid fixation using plates and screws is an accepted mode of repair for facial fractures and osteotomies. To avoid potential complications associated with metal implants, bioresorbable implants are being developed. A study was performed to assess the strength over time of three bioresorbable polymeric screws for facial bone reconstruction. Screws of each(More)
Ninety patients presented for elective surgery and were randomly divided into three groups and studied on a double-blind basis to assess the efficacy of gastrozepin, a new muscarinic receptor antagonist, compared to cimetidine and placebo. Gastrozepin 10 mg, cimetidine 200 mg and a placebo were given i.v. on average 90 min prior to surgery. Gastric fluid(More)