Diane Horn

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Functions of bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) are initiated by signaling through specific type I and type II serine/threonine kinase receptors. In previous studies, we have demonstrated that the type IB BMP receptor (BMPR-IB) plays an essential and specific role in osteoblast commitment and differentiation. To determine the role of BMP receptor signaling(More)
We have evaluated approximately 10,000 monoclonal antibodies (MoAb) resulting from 25 hybridizations of spleen cells from mice immunized with cells from human non-small cell lung carcinoma or fetal lung. The spleen cells were hybridized with NS-1 myeloma cells, and the resulting hybridomas were screened for production of MoAb to non-small cell lung(More)
Osteoporosis is a silent disease, characterized by a porous bone micro-structure that enhances risk for fractures and associated disabilities. Senile, or age-related osteoporosis (SO), affects both men and women, resulting in increased morbidity and mortality. However, cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying senile osteoporosis are not fully known.(More)
The San Antonio Nathan Shock Center Conferences have attracted international speakers and participants since 1995. This annual conference, held in Bandera, Texas, USA, addresses a different topic in the biology of aging each year. The venue's intimate setting, relatively remote location, and common areas are ideal for a small conference (80Á100(More)
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