Diane H. Roberts

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Agriculture is an important component in the national economy of the United Kingdom and incursion of exotic disease would have severe effects on the United Kingdom domestic economy, causing both direct and indirect losses. The literature on bluetongue and other ruminant orbiviruses is reviewed in order to assess the risk of importing animal and animal(More)
Serum samples from pig herds in Great Britain have been examined for antibodies to influenza virus since 1968. Antibodies to H3N2 virus strains have been found since 1968 and the serological data presented here suggests that H3N2 virus strains continue to persist in the pig population. An outbreak of acute respiratory disease occurred in a 400-sow unit. The(More)
During a two year period the spread of bovine syncytial virus was monitored in a closed herd of 50 to 100 milking cows. Out of a nucleus of 49 nonpregnant and pregnant heifers, six were found to be infected with bovine syncytial virus. Virus was detected only in the progeny of infected cows and not in the progeny of uninfected animals. Nineteen progeny of(More)
The cell-mediated immune response of cattle to Mycoplasma mycoides var. mycoides was studied. Sensitized lymphocytes in blood leukocyte preparations showed a significant degree of antigen-induced transformation, judged by the uptake of tritiated thymidine. The increase in tritiated thymidine uptake in sensitized lymphocytes in the presence of M. mycoides(More)
A significant passive protection against contagious bovine pleuropneumonia (CBPP) was demonstrated in cattle. One group of cattle was inoculated with serum from CBPP-recovered cattle, while another group was inoculated with serum from susceptible cattle. The two groups, along with an untreated control group, were challenged with the virulent Gladysdale(More)
INTRODUCTION People with advanced cancer and their carers experience stress and uncertainty which affects the quality of life and physical and mental health. This study aims to understand how patients and carers recover or maintain psychological well-being by exploring the strategies employed to self-manage stress and uncertainty. METHODS AND ANALYSIS A(More)