Diane Frenette

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The chicken infectious anaemia virus (CIAV) infection may induce immunosuppression and persistent infection. The use of vaccination in young chicks is still controversial due to its low immune efficiency. In order to verify the viral persistency of a vaccinal strain of CIAV and its associated-lymphoid cell disorders, 54 1-day-old specific pathogen free(More)
Monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) neutralizing only the infectious bursal disease virus strains (IBDV) belonging to serotype 1 also immunoprecipitated the heterologous major antigenic proteins of serotype 2 IBDV. Detergent-solubilization followed by radioimmunoprecipitation assays (RIPA) using the MAbs revealed structural similarities between the(More)
Growth rate in broiler birds has increased substantially in the last decade due to improvement in genetics, feed formulation, cleaner environment, and vaccine formulations. As a result, it has become necessary to review and revise prediction method for vaccination in chicks. This study was undertaken to determine the possible use of the rate of weight gain(More)
Monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) were produced against a vaccinal S1133 strain of avian reovirus. Characterization of six MAbs in Western blotting, radioimmunoprecipitation and gold immunoelectron microscopy revealed that the MAbs were specific to the outer capsid proteins, mu2/mu2c, sigma2 and sigma3. Two of three MAbs, directed against sigma2 protein,(More)
The use of attenuated vaccines or the occurrence of low virulent T-lymphotropic or B-lymphotropic viruses in flocks may alter the immune responses of young chicks in spite of the absence of clinical signs. Infections with a low virulent T-lymphotropic chicken infectious anaemia virus (lvCIAV) followed by infection with an intermediate B-lymphotropic(More)
We report on deep imaging in 2 filters with the PC2 camera of HST, of five QSOs at redshift ∼2, with a range of optical and radio luminosity. The observations included a suite of PSF observations which were used to construct new PSF models, described elsewhere by Dumont et al (2001). The new PSF models were used to remove the QSO nucleus from the images. We(More)
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