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BACKGROUND This study examines the association of potentially inappropriate medication prescribing (PIRx) with hospitalization and death among elderly long-stay nursing home residents. METHODS We defined PIRx using the combined version of the Beers criteria. Data were from the 1996 Medical Expenditure Panel Survey Nursing Home Component. The study sample(More)
Photoexcitation of retinal rod photoreceptor cells involves the activation of cGMP enzyme cascade in which sequential activation of rhodopsin, transducin, and the cGMP phosphodiesterase in the rod outer segment constitutes the signal amplification mechanism. Phosducin, a 33-kDa phosphoprotein, has been shown to form a tight complex with the T beta gamma(More)
The MDS-Med Guide is a unique new clinical tool developed to integrate patient assessment data with medication monitoring in the federally mandated resident assessment process. The guide correlates medication effects with a patient's physical, functional, and psychosocial status; identifies medications that may cause or aggravate common geriatric problems;(More)
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