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BACKGROUND There is currently a lack of information about the uses, benefits, and limitations of social media for health communication among the general public, patients, and health professionals from primary research. OBJECTIVE To review the current published literature to identify the uses, benefits, and limitations of social media for health(More)
The teaching profession puts vocal health at a higher risk than other professions, causing what is referred to as "occupational dysphonia." There is a need for primary prevention of "occupational dysphonia" among the teaching profession, where good vocal health is promoted before a problem occurs. To investigate the primary prevention of occupational(More)
OBJECTIVE To review the current published available research into the impact of voice training on the vocal quality of professional voice users, to provide implications for vocal health and recommendations for further research. DESIGN Literature review with a systematic approach. METHODS A systematic search of the literature was conducted using(More)
OBJECTIVES To quantify the relative contributions of behavioural, environmental and psychological factors to the vocal health of teachers, and to describe the relationships using structural equation modelling, with a view to identifying preventive action. METHOD A cross-sectional survey of teachers across 69 primary and secondary schools was conducted. In(More)
BACKGROUND Within the last decade there has been a growth in the call-centre industry in the UK, with a growing awareness of the voice as an important tool for successful communication. Occupational voice problems such as occupational dysphonia, in a business which relies on healthy, effective voice as the primary professional communication tool, may(More)
This study was conducted to assess whether one program of home ventilator management met the medical, financial, and psychosocial needs of children and their families. The sample consisted of 15 children with home ventilator assistance. Data were collected by chart review, parental telephone interviews, and comparison of home and hospital costs from(More)
BACKGROUND Health professionals working in primary care and public health have opportunities to address body weight status issues with their patients through face-to-face contact. The objectives of this all-Ireland project are: 1. to assess the attitudes, current practices/behaviours and knowledge of key health professional groups on body weight status; 2.(More)
Obesity is on the increase worldwide and is a major global public health problem. In an increasingly obesogenic environment, it's important that health professionals are equipped to identify and address obesity issues within their clinical practice. As part of the Weight Care Project , the aim of this study was to explore the obesity-related communication(More)
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