Diane Deabreu

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We have used gel electrophoretic techniques including isoelectric focusing, blue native, acid-urea, 16-benzyldimethyl-n-hexadecylammonium chloride or SDS first dimensions and SDS Laemmli or tricine second dimensions to separate the proteins from highly-purified Neurospora mitochondria and sub-mitochondrial fractions (membrane, soluble, protein complexes and(More)
The blood flow rate delivered by the dialysis machine (d-BFR) may not be accurately reflected by the blood flow rate set on the machine (sm-BFR). High negative arterial pressure may lead to deformity of the blood pump-segment tubing, resulting in a lower stroke volume and d-BFR. The Hagen-Poiseuille law predicts that the use of larger gauge needles should(More)
Many RNAs contain tertiary interactions that contribute to folding the RNA into its functional 3D structure. In the VS ribozyme, a tertiary loop-loop kissing interaction involving stem-loops I and V is also required to rearrange the secondary structure of stem-loop I such that nucleotides at the base of stem I, which contains the cleavage-ligation site, can(More)
When we expressed a small (0.9 kb) nonprotein-coding transcript derived from the mitochondrial VS plasmid in the nucleus of Neurospora we found that it was efficiently spliced at one or more of eight 5' splice sites and ten 3' splice sites, which are present apparently by chance in the sequence. Further experimental and bioinformatic analyses of other(More)
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