Diane B. Walz

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ore than half the cost of the development of complex computer-based information systems (IS) is attributable to decisions made in the upstream port ion of the software d e v e l o p m e n t process; namely , requirements specification and design [20]. There is growing recognition that research on how teams actually go about making requirement determinations(More)
User authentication in computer systems has been a cornerstone of computer security for decades. The concept of a user id and password is a cost effective and efficient method of maintaining a shared secret between a user and a computer system. One of the key elements in the password solution for security is a reliance on human cognitive ability to remember(More)
placed significant emphasis on characteristics related to working with others, while the accountants viewed top IT personnel as loners. With the increasing decentralization of IT responsibilities and personnel to functional areas, the management of IT project teams changes, with more responsibilities for end-user managers in systems development and(More)
Three types of information systems personnel (programmers, systems analysts, and project managers) were compared to the general population based on responses to a standardized personality test. The IS professionals, in aggregate, exceeded population norms for nearly all of the relevant scales, confirming much prior research.However, the personality profiles(More)
A conceptual design of an organizational decision support system (ODSS) is proposed for the limited domain of hospital-based clinical decisionmaking (H-CDM). The design is a first step in the research program to evaluate the viability of an ODSS for H-CDM. The design is also used as a basis for evaluating two other issues. First, the adequacy of broader(More)