Diane B. Francis

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OBJECTIVE To inform international research and policy, we conducted a meta-analysis of the experimental literature on pictorial cigarette pack warnings. DATA SOURCES We systematically searched 7 computerised databases in April 2013 using several search terms. We also searched reference lists of relevant articles. STUDY SELECTION We included studies that(More)
OBJECTIVES Cigarette pack warnings are a tobacco control strategy used globally. To understand their impact, we systematically reviewed longitudinal observational studies examining national implementation of strengthened warnings. METHODS We used comprehensive search procedures to identify observational studies examining the impact of strengthening(More)
OBJECTIVE . This study used digital surveillance to examine the impact of Angelina Jolie's prophylactic mastectomy announcement on cancer information seeking. METHODS . We analyzed 4 categories of breast cancer-related Internet search queries from 2010 to 2013 in the United States. RESULTS . Compared with the preceding 6 weeks, general information(More)
In the United States, heterosexual transmission of HIV infection is dramatically higher among Blacks than among Whites. Overlapping (concurrent) sexual partnerships promote HIV transmission. The authors describe their process for developing a radio campaign (Escape the Web) to raise awareness among 18-34-year-old Black adults of the effect of concurrency on(More)
BACKGROUND Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable disease and death globally. The 2014 Surgeon General's Report included new diseases linked to smoking, including liver and colon cancer, diabetes and tuberculosis. As more diseases are linked to smoking, which diseases should we communicate to the public and what message source has the most impact?(More)
The current study sought to examine the impact of strengthening cigarette pack warnings on attention, message processing, and perceived effectiveness, through a systematic review of longitudinal observational studies. The review included 22 studies (N = 81,824 participants). Strengthened warnings increased attention to warnings, recall of warnings, and(More)
Emergency contraception (EC) can prevent pregnancy for up to 5 days after unprotected sex. Although EC has become increasingly available, little is known about perceptions of young adults regarding access to EC or whether information sources about EC relate to perceived access among young adults. Over a 1-week period in November 2013, a self-report survey(More)
Background We sought to describe characteristics and psychometric properties of measures used in pictorial cigarette pack warning experiments and provide recommendations for future studies. Methods Our systematic review identified 68 pictorial cigarette pack warning experiments conducted between 2000 and 2016 in 22 countries. Two independent coders coded(More)
OBJECTIVE This qualitative study examined the extent to which playing recreational computer games and videogames is perceived by cancer survivors as supporting personal values. Values serve as behavioral guides and may thus impact health outcomes; therefore activities that have the potential to support values deserve further attention so their role in(More)
OBJECTIVE Condom use is critical for the health of sexually active adolescents, and yet many adolescents fail to use condoms consistently. One interpersonal factor that may be key to condom use is sexual communication between sexual partners; however, the association between communication and condom use has varied considerably in prior studies of youth. The(More)