Diana W. Thomas

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Chronic non-healing wounds are a major health problem with resident bacteria strongly implicated in their impaired healing. A rapid-screen to provide detailed knowledge of wound bacterial populations would therefore be of value and help prevent unnecessary and indiscriminate use of antibiotics—a process associated with promoting antibiotic resistance. We(More)
CONTEXT Catheter related blood stream infections (CRBSI) contributes significantly to morbidity, mortality and costs in intensive care unit (ICU). The patient profile, infrastructure and resources in ICU are different in the developing world as compared to western countries. Studies regarding CRBSI from pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) are scanty in the(More)
Identifying the center of a tropical cyclone in a high-resolution model simulation has a number of operational and research applications, including constructing a track, calculating azimuthal means and perturbations, and diagnosing vortex tilt. This study evaluated several tropical cyclone center identification methods in a high-resolution Weather Research(More)
Glaseser & Shleifer (2003) argue that regulation is pervasive in otherwise wealthy nations because it protects property rights more effectively than the court system can. This is the case because economic growth produces large firms and large firms face a lower cost per unit of output of subverting the court system and are therefore more likely to do so. We(More)
Health Obesity Research strategic plan states that: "New diet and physical activity measures with improved accuracy, precision, reliability, usabil-ity, flexibility, and sensitivity to change are needed, especially in the areas of biomarkers, tools for bench to bedside translational research, fitness and functional status, thermogenesis, imaging, body(More)
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