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An automated turbidimeter for measuring bacterial growth in ordinary test tubes is described. The device records and prints adsorbance, expressed as Klett units, of 60 cultures every 15 min. Provision is made for either aerobic or anaerobic incubation. The device is adaptable to modification, depending upon local requirements and availability of computation(More)
The Industrial Design Department of Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is continuously developing and putting in practice a holistic and integrative educational approach, focusing on designing intelligent systems, products, and related services for societal transformation. This approach requires students to continuously reflect upon their design(More)
been facilitating students to become professional designers. Given the department's focus, educational approach and organisation, our graduates distinguish themselves from other designers in various ways. They design intelligent systems, are lifelong and self-managing learners, develop their expertise and identity continuously, and contribute to building(More)
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