Diana Schepens

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We give new observations on the mixing dynamics of a continuous-time quantum walk on circulants and their bunkbed extensions. These bunkbeds are defined through two standard graph operators: the join G + H and the Cartesian product G ⊕ H of graphs G and H. Our results include the following: • The quantum walk is average uniform mixing on circulants with(More)
exact-universal computation with qudits probability distribution of bi-partite randomised stabilizer states (6) 527 C.M. Dawson, The Solovay-Kitaev algorithm (1) 81 L. Deslauriers, see M. Acton S.J. Devitt, Robustness of Shor's algorithm (7) 616 E. D'Hondt, The computational power of the W and GHZ states (2) 173 T.G. Draper, A logarithmic-depth quantum(More)
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