Diana Sasaki

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Panel-sized drivers are LSIs with lengths nearly equal to the width/height of LCDs. They have equal outputs to scan column/lines and do not need tapes or PCBs for assembly. These SOI devices employ CMOS TFTs on a glass substrate. Including the floating body effect, a 189 mm-long scan driver with 768 outputs for TFT-LCDs is fabricated successfully.
Panel-sized TFT-LCD column drivers have been fabricated on a glass substrate with TF CMOS and low-resistivity copper-plated interconnections. These operate with a 16.25MHz internal clock, have 6b DACs, 6b accuracy with either 3072 or 1536 outputs, and use an offset-controlled amplifier. The operation of 15 inch XGA LCDs is demonstrated using panel-sized(More)
A snark is a cyclically-4-edge-connected cubic graph with chromatic index 4. In 1880, Tait proved that the Four-Color Conjecture is equivalent to the statement that every planar bridgeless cubic graph has chromatic index 3. The search for counter-examples to the FourColor Conjecture motivated the definition of the snarks. A k-total-coloring of G is an(More)
Given a graph G that admits a perfect matching, we investigate the parameter η(G) (originally motivated by computer graphics applications) which is defined as follows. Among all nonnegative edge weight assignments, η(G) is the minimum ratio between (i) the maximum weight of a perfect matching and (ii) the maximum weight of a general matching. In this paper,(More)