Diana S. Fleischman

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Evolutionary psychology has emerged over the past 15 years as a major theoretical perspective, generating an increasing volume of empirical studies and assuming a larger presence within psychological science. At the same time, it has generated critiques and remains controversial among some psychologists. Some of the controversy stems from hypotheses that go(More)
Replies to comments on Evolutionary psychology: Controversies, questions, prospects, and limitations (see record 2010-02208-001) by Confer et al. The purpose of which was to clarify the logic of evolutionary psychology and clear up some of the more common misunderstandings about it. In this response, we address the key points raised by the commentators.
The current study provides the first evolutionarily-informed direct comparison of actual parents' and off-spring's mate preferences. We compared students' (N = 300) average rankings of 13 traits for desirability in an ideal mate with their parents' (N = 238) rankings of the same traits for their offspring's ideal mate. Parents ranked religion higher than(More)
Objectives To examine how the frequency of information regarding a real disease threat influences hand washing with soap. Design and setting The authors installed wireless devices in highway service station lavatories in England to record the proportion of individuals washing hands with soap from May 2009 to January 2010. Participants Participants were(More)
of all authors, an exclusive licence (or non exclusive for government employees) on a worldwide basis to the BMJ Publishing Group Ltd and its licensees , to permit this article (if accepted) to be published in BMJ editions and any other BMJPG products and to exploit all subsidiary rights, as set out in our licence declare that (1) DSF, VC, BA GJ and MdB(More)
iv Acknowledgments I would first like to thank David Buss for his extraordinary mentorship and friendship. I will never be able to adequately express my profound gratitude for his support and encouragement. I am confident I will never replicate the powerful and exciting discussions we have had about theory and research in evolutionary psychology. and(More)
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