Diana Richards

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An important puzzle in the study of complex systems is the conditions under which the aggregation of information from interacting agents results in a stable or an unstable collective outcome. We present a general framework for thinking about the stability and instability of collective outcomes that focuses on the effects of mutual knowledge . We show that(More)
A framing effect occurs when different, but logically equivalent, words or phrases (e.g., 10% employment or 90% unemployment) cause individuals to alter their decisions. Demonstrations of framing effects challenge a fundamental tenet of rational choice theory and suggest that public opinion is so malleable that it cannot serve as a useful guide to(More)
D. Richards was supported by NSF 9729847. Thanks to Rajesh Kasturirangan for comments on early drafts and to the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute for providing computing time. We are indebted to Richard Schweickert for a careful reading and detailed comments. Address correspondence and reprint requests to W. Richards, Departement of Brain and Cognitive(More)
There is little doubt that the program fills a need in the health care system of this small community. We have met with some public resistance to the provision of services for drug 'addicts', sometimes from surprising quarters. There has also been significant resistance from some potential patients. Overall we believe that the successes achieved, although(More)
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