Diana Rezende de Toledo

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This study examined the influence of both optic flow characteristics and intention on postural control responses. Two groups of 10 adults each were exposed to the room's movement either at 0.6 cm/s (low velocity group) or 1.0 cm/s (high velocity group). All the participants stood in the upright stance inside of a moving room and were informed about the room(More)
High-frequency trains of electrical stimulation applied over the human muscles can generate forces higher than would be expected by direct activation of motor axons, as evidenced by an unexpected relation between the stimuli and the evoked contractions, originating what has been called “extra forces”. This phenomenon has been thought to reflect nonlinear(More)
Presynaptic inhibition (PSI) has been shown to modulate several neuronal pathways of functional relevance by selectively gating the connections between sensory inputs and spinal motoneurons, thereby regulating the contribution of the stretch reflex circuitry to the ongoing motor activity. In this study, we investigated whether a differential regulation of(More)
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