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Using existing web resources for e-Learning is a very promising idea especially in reducing the cost of authoring. Envisioned as open-source, completely free, and frequently updated Wikipedia could become a good candidate. Even though Wikipedia has been structured by categories, still sometimes they are not dynamically updated when there are modifications.(More)
Batik is an Indonesian's traditional cloth which has been recognized as one of the world cultural heritage. Currently, there are hundreds of different batik motif which can be classified into 7 groups, i.e. Parang, Ceplok, Lereng, Megamendung, Semen, Lunglungan, and Buketan. This research develops a software to automatically identify motifs of batik image(More)
Users prefer to navigate subjects from organized topics in an abundance resources than to list pages retrieved from search engines. We propose a framework to cluster frequent itemsets (sets of common words) into topics, produce a hierarchical list, and then generate topics sequence from a collection of documents. The framework will regenerate a next(More)
Overlapping white blood cell identification on microscopic blood cell images is proposed for increasing the accuracy of white blood cell segmentation and counting. The accurate identification of overlapping cells can increase the accuracy of cell counting system for diagnosing diseases. The overlapping cells have different characteristic such as area and(More)
Rapid growth of the Internet make Web-based applications becomes a new means to learn. Authors of Web-based learning applications with multiple resources provide navigation to help users understanding structured idea of learning topics. Since the increasing of resources is such a growing field, navigation map of learning topics would be out of date if it is(More)
Document retrieval methods using vector space model (VSM) transform textual data into numeric vectors. VSM methods apply matrix analysis techniques to give relevance scores to documents when related to a specific query. With VSM, any spatial information contained in documents is lost. Fourier Domain Scoring (FDS) in [1] takes advantage of spatial(More)
Ranking module is an important component of search process which sorts through relevant pages. Since collection of Web pages has additional information inherent in the hyperlink structure of the Web, it can be represented as link score and then combined with the usual information retrieval techniques of content score. In this paper we report our studies(More)
Image registration is the process of transforming different sets of data into one coordinate system. Image registration is widely used in the medical field, especially dentistry. By using image registration, small changes on dental radiographic images can be detected by using the concept of image registration. One of the implementation of image registration(More)
Focus & Scope: The Internetworking Indonesia Journal aims to become the foremost publication for practitioners, teachers, researchers and policy makers to share their knowledge and experience in the design, development, implementation, and the management of ICT and the Internet in Indonesia. Topics of Interest: The journal welcomes and strongly encourages(More)
N-gram model could be used to provide searchers with morphological variants of search terms for improving searching performance. Implementation of automated affix removal to simplify morphological variants into its stem is known as stemming algorithms. This paper discussed about n-gram model of size two called digram which is used in searching process with(More)