Diana Perez García

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The hernia of the bladder in the scrotum is a highly uncommon observation. From the clinical standpoint the usual manifestation is a two-stroke voiding. The recommended urological examinations to reach a diagnosis are ultrasound, endovenous urography, retrograde urethrocystography and cystoscopy. Management includes the de-obstruction of the lower urinary(More)
The "burned-out" phenomenon in germ-cell neoplasias is defined by the presence of an extragonadal germ-cell tumour with no tumour at the testis level where a series of distinctive histological lesions can be detected indicative of the earlier presence of an already disappeared testicle tumoration. Extragonadal germ-cell tumours with "burned-out" phenomenon(More)
In insulin potentiation therapy the hormone insulin is used as an adjunct in the medical management of the chronic degenerative diseases including malignant neoplasia. In this, the recognized physiological action of insulin--that of increasing cell membrane permeability--is taken advantage of to potentiate the pharmacological actions of medications(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the effect of 3% trehalose as an adjuvant in the standard treatment after laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis. DESIGN Interventional prospective comparative single-blind study. SETTING Department of Ophthalmology, Hospital Quirón Zaragoza, Spain. METHODS A total of 26 eyes (13 patients) were included, of which 12 eyes (group 1)(More)
OBJECTIVES To answer the following question: what monitoring and for how long should be maintained in patients with Ta-T1 vesical neoplasia and no tumoral relapse? MATERIAL AND METHOD Analysis of relapse probabilities in 123 patients with Ta-T1G1G2G3 primary tumours who had not relapsed for at least three years of follow up after transurethral resection.(More)
Overall view of Bacille de Calmette-Guerin (BCG) immunotherapy in the prophylaxis and treatment of surface cancer of the bladder. A series of issues, on some of which a consensus has been reached while controversy is still frequent in others are discussed. Intravesical instillation of BCG as the single route has been considered to best mode of(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the long term incidence of upper urinary tract tumours in patients with surface tumours of the bladder. MATERIAL AND METHODS Analysis of 78 patients with primary tumour of the bladder pTa-pTl diagnosed between 1978 and 1988. These patients were followed for up to 10 to 21 years (mean follow-up 13.4 years) and were treated with(More)