Diana Paterson

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NetFlow data is routinely captured at the border of many enterprise networks. Although not as rich as full packet–capture data, NetFlow provides a compact record of the interactions between host pairs on either side of the monitored border. Analysis of this data presents a challenge to the security analyst due to its volume. We report preliminary(More)
1. At work rates which do not result in a sustained increase in blood lactate ([L-]), oxygen uptake (VO2) approaches the steady state with first-order kinetics. However, when [L-] is increased, at least two kinetic components are required to characterize the VO2 response dynamics. The purpose of the present investigation was to determine whether these(More)
Many network visualizations make the assumption that an administrator has previously determined the subset of data that should be visualized. Yet the problem remains that if the visualization provides no insight into the network events that warrant further consideration, then the administrator must go back to the data to determine what should be visualized(More)
Open computing environments are under a deluge of network attacks from complex threats. These threats are distributed, decentralized , dynamic, and operate over multiple timescales. Trusted Computing environments provide a means to manage cryptographic identity and authentication operations in the form of static assertions, but were not developed to provide(More)
Twenty women were measured on physiological, anthropometric, motor fitness and skill related variables in order to provide a current profile of elite female basketball players. Performance of each subject was evaluated firstly to determine the relationship between performance and selected variables and secondly to determine which variables best(More)
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