Diana Marcela Devia Narvaez

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The human dermis contains a heterogeneous network of cells with a dendritic morphology, including factor XIIIa+ dermal dendrocytes and CD34+ dendritic cells located around epidermal adnexae. Whereas dermal dendrocytes have been immunohistochemically studied, CD34+ dermal cells have not yet been well characterized. We studied by simple and double(More)
The CD10 antigen is a neutral endopeptidase expressed by a variety of mesenchymal tumours (haemopoietic or not), including a subset of malignant melanomas. We investigated the expression of CD10 in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue specimens of 72 cutaneous melanomas (28 primary, 26 metastatic to the skin and 18 lymph node metastases). The CD10(More)
The differential diagnosis between Kaposi's sarcoma and the so-called 'pseudo-Kaposi's sarcoma' or acroangiodermatitis of the feet is often fraught with difficulty, not only on clinical but also on histological grounds. The aim of this study was to assess whether immunolabelling for the CD34 antigen, a marker of Kaposi's sarcoma cells, could be of value in(More)
The Mexican petrochemical industry, Morelos S.A. de C.V., is one of the biggest and more important petroleum industries in Mexico and Latin America. It has an activated sludge system to treat its wastewater flow, which is approximately 7,000 m3/d. The wastewater contains volatile organic carbon substances classified as toxics. The old surface aeration(More)
TixAl1-xN coatings were grown using the triode magnetron sputtering technique with various bias voltages between -40 V and -150 V. As the bias voltage increased, an increase in the Al atomic percentage was observed, presenting a competition with Ti and producing structural changes. Moreover, the grain size and roughness were also strongly influenced by the(More)
Squamous cell carcinomas (SCC) are the most frequent tumours complicating organ transplantation. Whereas most SCC can be successfully treated with conventional surgery, other lesions show an aggressive course with recurrence and metastases. We assessed the value of nuclear morphometry in detecting tumours with an ab initio potential for aggressive course.(More)
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