Diana M. Cooper

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We evaluated forty-five patients who had seventy-one congenital clubfeet. The average age was thirty-four years (range, twenty-five to forty-two years). Twenty-nine of these patients had been evaluated and reported on in 1980. We performed pedobarographic and electrogoniometric analyses in addition to the clinical and radiographic studies performed(More)
Instant nutritional assessment of the hospitalized patient is described based upon admission serum albumin levels and total lymphocyte counts. Abnormalities of these parameters are associated with markedly increased morbidity and mortality in a series of 500 consecutively admitted patient. It is suggested that instant nutritional assessment be performed on(More)
Previous investigations have suggested that Doppler echocardiography is useful in detecting dysfunction in aortic (AVR) and mitral prostheses (MVR). However, to diagnose abnormalities, the spectrum of normal velocities through these valves must be established. Therefore, we used Doppler echocardiography to study 100 patients with 105 prosthetic valves that(More)
Pituitary apoplexy occurred in 3 patients in the immediate postoperative period following cardiac operation with cardiopulmonary bypass. In this setting, this complication is extremely rare and not widely recognized. Precipitating factors may be related to the extracorporeal bypass apparatus, anticoagulation, low cerebral blood flow, and even anesthetic(More)
Pulmonary function and symptoms were reviewed in 20 children in whom laryngomalacia had been diagnosed by direct laryngoscopy in infancy. Most children developed stridor in the first 2 weeks, but 3 children did not develop it until age 3 months. The mean duration of stridor was 4 years 2 months, with a range of 4 months to 12 years 7 months. Six children(More)
We performed antinociceptive testing on swine receiving buprenorphine. Intravenous access was achieved, and animals were allowed to recover for 24 h. Baseline skin-twitch latency to a focused light source was determined for each animal. Animals received intravenous (i.v.) buprenorphine at 0.08 (n =1), 0.16 (n = 1), 0.005 (n = 5), 0.01 (n = 5), or 0.02 mg/kg(More)
In United States v. Causby, the Supreme Court conceptualized airspace as a “public highway.” In the same decision, the Court recognized that landowners must be able to “exercise exclusive control of the immediate reaches of the enveloping atmosphere” in order to exercise full enjoyment of their property. The precise boundaries of public and private space(More)
Summary form only given. Mainstream adoption of an open development and distribution model could accelerate innovation in robotics through harnessing end-user creativity and contribution. Open architecture promotes innovation by permitting downstream developers and users to modify the underlying technology and to deploy it in operating environments beyond(More)
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