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CONTEXT Misoprostol was used by women across Mexico to induce abortion even before 2007, when first-trimester abortion was legalized in Mexico City. Pharmacy vendors' misoprostol recommendation practices across subregions of Mexico after abortion legalization warrant examination. METHODS Overall, 192 pharmacies in four regions of Mexico were randomly(More)
OBJECTIVE In the last decade, important advances were made in the struggle for reproductive rights in Mexico. The goal of this study was to discover the opinions of decision-makers about the grounds for legal abortion as well as to explore their perceptions about further liberalization of abortion laws countrywide. MATERIAL AND METHODS In-depth interviews(More)
of induced abortion. An example of such an approach is the Abortion Incidence Complications Method (AICM, see Chapter 6), in which postabortion hospital admissions data are complemented by data obtained from surveys of health professionals. While admissions data provide information about abortion complications that are treated in hospitals, the survey data(More)
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