Diana Jordan

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OBJECTIVE An interest exists in using patient outcome data to evaluate the performance of publicly financed mental health organizations. Because patients leave these organizations at a high rate, the impact of patient attrition on routinely collected outcome data was examined. METHODS In one county mental health system, routinely collected data on a wide(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the likelihood of histologic persistence/progression of complex hyperplasia and atypical hyperplasia among women treated with progestin compared with those not treated, with attention to type, dose, and duration. METHODS This was a cohort study at an integrated health plan of women, ages 18-85 years, with complex or atypical(More)
BACKGROUND Implementation of linkage to HIV care programs in the U.S. is poorly described in the literature despite the central role of these programs in delivering clients from HIV testing facilities to clinical care sites. Models demonstrating success in linking clients to HIV care from testing locations that do not have co-located medical care are(More)
BACKGROUND The National HIV/AIDS Strategy calls for active surveillance programs for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) to more accurately measure access to and retention in care across the HIV care continuum for persons living with HIV within their jurisdictions and to identify persons who may need public health services. However, traditional public health(More)
Research investigating the application of pressure-cycled bubble chambers to fast neutron detection is described. Experiments with a Halon-filled chamber showed clear sensitivity to an AmBe neutron source and insensitivity to a (137)Cs gamma source. Bubble formation was documented using high-speed photography, and a ceramic piezo-electric transducer element(More)
C.E. Aalseth, D. Anderson, F.T. Avignone III, A. Barabash, T.W. Bowyer, R.L. Brodzinski, V. Brudanin, J.I. Collar, P.J. Doe, S. Egorov, S.R. Elliott, H.A. Farach, R. Gaitskell, D. Jordan, O. Kochetov, S. Konovalov, R. Kouzes, H.S. Miley, W.K. Pitts, J.H. Reeves, R.G.H. Robertson, V. Sandukovsky, E. Smith, V. Stekhanov, R.C. Thompson, W. Tornow,, V. Umatov,(More)
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