Diana Jackson

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We present JAWAA 2.0, a scripting language for creating animations easily over the web. JAWAA includes primitives, easy creation of data structures and operations on these structures, and an editor for easy creation of complex objects. We show how to use JAWAA in a range of computer science courses including CS 0, CS 1, CS 2 and advanced courses.(More)
Detection of radioactive materials in an urban environment usually requires large, portal-monitor-style radiation detectors. However, this may not be a practical solution in many transport scenarios. Alternatively, a distributed sensor network (DSN) could complement portal-style detection of radiological materials through the implementation of arrays of low(More)
Background. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is now more common among black and minority ethnic groups in the UK but little is known about the costs of care amongst different ethnic groups. Objective. This study examined and compared service use and costs for people severely affected with MS from Black Caribbean (BC) and White British (WB) backgrounds in the UK and(More)
This study evaluated a new six-point ordinal scale for measuring pain intensity. Seventy-two participants aged between 23 and 87 years rated the intensity of 'present pain' as well as remembered episodes of 'severe' and 'mild' pain on the scale of pain intensity (SPIN), a 10 cm visual analogue scale (VAS) and a 0-10 numeric scale, in random order. Retesting(More)
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