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Hepatic and alimentary ketogenesis occur at similar rates in fed, nonpregnant, nonlactating goats, sheep and dairy cows. Alimentary ketogenesis begins to diminish within 24 h after fasting but compensatory increases in hepatic ketogenesis maintain total splanchnic release and, therefore, no change in circulating concentrations of ketone bodies is observed.(More)
BACKGROUND Inappropriate prescribing increases patient illness and death owing to adverse drug events. The inclusion of genetic information into primary care medication practices is one solution. Our aim was to assess the ability to obtain and genotype saliva samples and to determine the levels of use of a decision support tool that creates medication(More)
AIM Adverse drug events lead to increased morbidity, mortality and health care costs. Pharmacogenetic testing that guides drug prescribing has the potential to reduced adverse drug events and increase drug effectiveness. Our aim was to quantify the clinical effectiveness of genotype-guided prescribing. METHODS Three electronic databases were searched from(More)
OBJECTIVE The goal of this review is to ascertain the extent to which the current body of research on the role of exercise in multiple sclerosis (MS) provides sufficiently strong evidence to guide regular exercise prescription. METHODS We searched CINAHL, COCHRANE, EMBASE, and MEDLINE between 1950 and December 2007 with combinations of MeSH terms and(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the extent to which the impairments associated with lymphoedema (volume increase, local oedema and sensory alteration) are linked to arm dysfunction and sub-optimal health-related quality of life. PATIENTS AND METHODS A cross-sectional study, embedded within a pilot for an epidemiologic study, was undertaken involving women who had(More)
OBJECTIVES The International Cancer Benchmarking Partnership (ICBP) is a collaboration between 6 countries and 12 jurisdictions with similar primary care-led health services. This study investigates primary care physician (PCP) behaviour and systems that may contribute to the timeliness of investigating for cancer and subsequently, international survival(More)
  • AMPutEE REhABiLitAtion, Karen Clark, +6 authors Jessica Withpetersen
  • 2012
About this document: This document describes the evidence based clinical recommendations for best Physiotherapy management of Adults with Lower Limb Prostheses as described in the literature and expert opinion. CSP-endorsed evidence guidance seeks to provide recommendations for clinical practice and further research. This clinical guideline presents the(More)
PURPOSE To assess the feasibility and acceptability of using the Assessment of Physiotherapy Practice (APP) instrument to assess physiotherapy students' clinical competencies. METHODS A convenience sample of clinical educators (CEs) and students from the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, Canada, completed the instrument currently in use,(More)
Effects of fasting on glucose, ketone bodies, free fatty acids (FFA), insulin and glucagon metabolism were studied in eight fed, five 1-d-fasted and five 3-d-fasted ewes. The 3-d fast decreased blood glucose from 55 to 49 mg/dl due to a 40% reduction in its splanchnic output. Plasma FFA increased from 280 to 872 and 912 microM in 1- and 3-d-fasted ewes(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the feasibility and acceptability of administering the validated Case-finding Health Assessment Tool (CHAT) in Canadian family practice waiting rooms to identify risk factors for depression, anxiety, anger control,smoking, drinking, other drug use, gambling, exposure to abuse, and physical inactivity. DESIGN Cross-sectional survey. (More)