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Intrinsic motivation and the process of learning: Beneficial effects of contextualization, personalization, and choice.
This experiment examined the effects on the learning process of 3 complementary strategies—contextualization, personalization, and provision of choices—for enhancing students' intrinsic motivation.Expand
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Minorities in higher education : twenty-second annual status report
Since 1984, the American Council on Education (ACE) has published its annual Minorities in Higher Education status report. After much reflection and consultation with our member institutions, we haveExpand
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A desire to be taught: Instructional consequences of intrinsic motivation
This paper summarizes the results from a series of studies designed to test the hypothesis that making learning more fun will produce corresponding increases both in learning and retention and inExpand
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Words Worth of Wisdom: Toward an Understanding of Affirmative Action.
This article lays a conceptual foundation that is needed if social scientists and policymakers are to design and implement fair and effective affirmative action programs. Because the policy ofExpand
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Undermined? Affirmative Action from the Targets' Point of View
Publisher Summary The policy of affirmative action and individual responses to such policies is the focus of this chapter. It opens with a brief discussion on the gender-based differences inExpand
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Cognitive limitations and affirmative action: The effects of aggregate versus sequential data in the perception of discrimination
The present experiment examined whether or not relatively simple cognitive and information-processing limitations may prevent us from recognizing instances of organizational discrimination. It wasExpand
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Reactions to Affirmative Action: A Case Study
Affirmative action is a policy that elicits strong reactions. Perhaps nowhere more than in American higher education has affirmative action stirred controversy (Bronstein & Pfennig, 1988). Letters toExpand
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