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The four separated isomers of the muscarinic agonist 1, previously known as AF30, have been synthesized by a route that has allowed the absolute stereochemistry of each isomer to be assigned. With the chirality of (-)-camphanic acid known, X-ray analysis of the more crystalline intermediate diastereomeric camphanate 5A allowed the absolute stereochemistry(More)
Highly luminescent nanocomposites were prepared by incorporating CdSe/CdS core/shell nanorods into different polymer matrices. The resulting nanocomposites show high transparency of up to 93%. A photoluminescence quantum efficiency of 70% was obtained, with an optimum combination of nanorod (0.05 wt %) and at a UV-initiator concentration of 0.1 wt % for(More)
Using a regioselective strategy for nucleophilic aromatic substitution on polyfluoropyridines, a nonacoordinating precursor was designed that is adequately suited for complexation of lanthanide cations. Further functionalizations afforded numerous applications for near-IR emission, two-photon absorption spectroscopy, or the formation of luminescent gels.
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