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1 Kundenzentrierung in Banken Das Verständnis für Kundenzentrierung wurde von Drucker bereits 1954 durch die Aus-sage " […] it is the customer who determines what a business is, what it produces, and whether it will prosper " geprägt [Dr54; zitiert nach Sh06, S. 113]. Seither steht sowohl in der Fertigungsindustrie als auch im Dienstleistungsbereich der(More)
Managing business processes includes among others the normative, strategic, and operational control of processes. In case of a process performance deviation beyond a defined bandwidth, the process manager searches for short-term improvements within the operational control. However, the decision about improvements is limited because of the customer(More)
Service processes such as financial advice, booking a business trip or conducting a consulting project have emerged as units of analysis of high interest for the business process and service management communities in practice and academia. While the transactional nature of production processes is relatively well understood and deployed, the less predictable(More)
Providing visitors with a valuable experience of the past has become a crucial mission for cultural heritage institutions. The experience of the past is one where visitors understand the museum's communications about the meaning of artefacts and where visitors undertake an active role in interpretation and reflection on the past. Several studies promote(More)
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