Diana Halaus Davis

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The history of plague in Africa during the period 1935-49 is reviewed. Much of the information derives from a questionnaire sent to all African territories in 1950. The annual incidence of plague in Africa declined, particularly from 1946 onwards. In 1949, under 400 cases were reported, as compared with over 6,000 in 1935. By the end of 1949, plague was(More)
In this investigation the susceptibility of several species of rodents-Praomys (Mastomys) natalensis, Saccostomus campestris, Arvicanthus niloticus, Aethomys chrysophilus, Tatera brantsi and the white mouse (SAIMR 200 strain)-to Schistosoma haematobium was determined and the pathology studied. From the results it is clear that these rodents are susceptible(More)
Smooth pursuit eye movements provide a good model system for cerebellar studies of complex motor control in monkeys. First, the pursuit system exhibits predictive control along complex trajectories and this control improves with training. Second, the flocculus/paraflocculus region of the cerebellum appears to generate this control. Lesions impair pursuit(More)
Medical image processing is a fast growing and highly challenging field. Medical imaging Techniques are widely made use of in order to analyse the inner portions of the human body for the medical diagnosis. The Brain disorder such as Alzheimer is considered as a serious life threatening disease. The paper is basically a discussion and a comparative study on(More)
UNLABELLED This report summarizes findings from the TRICARE Management Activity (TMA) Healthcare Facility Evidence-Based Design Survey. TMA conducted 382 telephone interviews with active duty (AD) personnel and 36 interviews with AD spouses to solicit their opinions regarding 10 proposed healthcare facility design features that could improve the comfort and(More)