Diana Guaya

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A natural zeolite (Z-N), rich in clinoptilolite, was modified (Z-Al) by incorporation of hydrated aluminum oxide (HAlO) for the simultaneous phosphate and ammonium removal. The incorporation of surface hydroxyl groups (≅Al-OH) into the zeolite structure, as active groups for phosphate removal, was characterized by acid-base titrations (pHPZC=4.5±0.2). The(More)
The removal of nutrients (nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P)) from waste water has become a resource recovery option in recent regulations worldwide, as observed in the European Union. Although both of these nutrients could be recovered from the sludge line, >70-75% of the N and P is discharged into the water line. Efforts to improve the nutrient recovery ratios(More)
The essential oil (EO) was obtained by hydrodistillation from the aerial parts of Lepechinia radula Benth Epling (Lamiaceae) from Ecuador. Thirty-four compounds accounting to 93.4% of the total oil were identified. The main constituents of the essential oil were δ-3-carene (19.9%), β-pinene (17.0%), (E)-βcaryophyllene (9.7%) and (E-E)-α-farnesene (9.4%).(More)
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