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Dietary fiber from coffee beverage: degradation by human fecal microbiota.
Arabinogalactans and galactomannans from coffee beverages are part of the dietary fiber complex. Chemical structures and fermentability of soluble dietary fiber obtained from a standard filter coffeeExpand
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Isolation and structural identification of diarabinosyl 8-O-4-dehydrodiferulate from maize bran insoluble fibre.
The first saccharide ester of a dehydrodiferulic acid (DFA) other than 5-5-DFA has been isolated from maize bran insoluble fibre after acidic hydrolysis and fractionation by gel chromatography andExpand
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Characterization of high molecular weight coffee fractions and their fermentation by human intestinal microbiota.
To investigate the structure and fermentability of high M(r) components of coffee brews by human gut bacteria Arabica coffee samples of three different degrees of roast (light, medium, and dark) wereExpand
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Isolation and characterisation of a coffee melanoidin fraction
BACKGROUND: Melanoidins contribute to the colour and flavour of coffee brews and are also reported to be physiologically active components. However, structural information about coffee melanoidins isExpand
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Characterization and fermentability of an ethanol soluble high molecular weight coffee fraction.
Brews from differently roasted Arabica coffees were shown to contain 8-12% ethanol soluble substances with molecular masses greater than 2 kDa, possibly contributing to their dietary fiber contents.Expand
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Coffee dietary fiber contents and structural characteristics as influenced by coffee type and technological and brewing procedures.
Coffee brews contain considerable amounts of soluble dietary fiber, mainly low substituted galactomannans and type II arabinogalactans. Factors possibly influencing the content and structures ofExpand
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