Diana Gleason

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Evidence is presented to show that cells of the ependymal layer surrounding the ventricles of the mammalian (rat) forebrain act as neural stem cells (NSCs), and that these cells can be activated to divide by a combination of injury and growth factor stimulation. Several markers of asymmetric cell division (ACD), a characteristic of true stem cells, are(More)
On the basis of previous work that has shown a taste can potentiate odor-aversion conditioning in AX+ conditioning, 6 experiments used rats to examine the effects of pairing a preconditioned taste (A) with a novel odor cue (X) in an A+/AX+ aversion conditioning design. Experiments 1A and 1B demonstrated that a preconditioned taste produced a robust odor(More)
Transforming growth factor-alpha (TGFalpha) is a powerful endogenous mitogen and neurotrophic factor, which has previously been shown to induce a massive proliferative response in the brains of Parkinson's disease model rats injured by an acute neurotoxic lesion. We now show that TGFalpha can also produce a massive proliferative response in rat brains(More)
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