Diana Girón

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We performed a 1-year prospective study of 807 consecutive infants admitted to a regional neonatal intensive care unit to determine the frequency, natural history, mechanism(s), and cause of thrombocytopenia. Thrombocytopenia developed in 22% of the infants. The platelet count nadir usually occurred by day 4 and resolved by day 10. Possible mechanisms(More)
In Colombia, diabetes mellitus is a public health program for those responsible for creating and implementing strategies for prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up that are applicable at all care levels, with the objective of establishing early and sustained control of diabetes. A clinical practice guide has been developed following the broad(More)
The diabetogenic D variant of encephalomyocarditis virus (EMC-D) was previously shown to differ from the non-diabetogenic B variant (EMC-B) by 14 nucleotides out of 7829 bases. Similar approaches with a new nondiabetogenic variant, EMC-DV1, obtained by plaque purification of the EMC-D variant stock pool, enabled us to narrow down further the possible(More)
We describe the case of a boy who presented with clinical features of lymphadenitis accompanied by a lymphocytic leukemoid reaction of suppressor/cytotoxic T-cell phenotype. Progressive involvement of the bone marrow, liver, and spleen, and subsequently parotid and lacrimal glands, in the disease process, suggested the alternative diagnosis of malignant(More)
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