Diana George John

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This prospective study analyses the ability of several different intermediate hearing screening techniques to predict hearing aid acceptance in a pre-retirement population. In addition to the traditional methods of using sensitivity and specificity to analyse test performance, signal detection theory has been used to obtain a single detectability rate for(More)
This cross-over study compares the relative benefits of a standard NHS contracted hearing aid with a high-frequency emphasis commercial aid in subjects with high-frequency hearing loss. Disability questionnaires and free-field speech-in-noise (FAAF II) tests were used to assess subjects unaided and after 6 weeks of wearing each aid. Total FAAF II test(More)
Description. The goals of this class include the following: a Linked series of writing assignments which culminates in an analyticaL and reasonable rhetorical persuasive argument, Learning to enhance writing with visual and oral forms of communication, acquire extensive practice in revising written, visual, and oraL communication, understand and experience(More)
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