Diana Garcia-Bernet

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The anaerobic digestion of solid waste is usually performed using dry or semi-dry technology. Incoming waste and fermenting digestate are pasty media and thus, at the industrial scale, their suitability for pumping and mixing is a prerequisite at the industrial scale. However, their rheology has been poorly characterised in the literature because there is(More)
An experimental procedure (Residence Time Distribution technique) was used to characterize the macro-mixing of both liquid and solid phases of a laboratory-scale dry anaerobic digester using appropriate tracers. The effects of the waste origin and total solid content were studied. An increase in TS content from 22% to 30% TS (w/w) induced a macro-mixing(More)
Due to their lignocellulosic nature, corn cob and vine trimming shoots (VTS) could be valorized by anaerobic digestion for biogas production. To enhance the digestibility of substrates, pretreatments of lignocellulosic materials are recommended. The effect of enzymatic hydrolysis, ultrasounds pretreatments (US) and the combination of both was assayed in(More)
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