Diana García De Olarte

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The respiratory burst of phagocytes plays an important role in the tissue damage that accompanies the inflammatory response. One of these conditions is allergic bronchial asthma, therefore, to evaluate the activation state of peripheral granulocytes the generation of reactive oxygen metabolites was evaluated using Luminol-enhanced chemiluminescence (LCL)(More)
A quad transceiver cell is designed and implemented in 90nm CMOS technology with a 1V nominal supply. To minimize area and power consumption, the cell uses a single dual-loop PLL. Gate-current leakage compensator is used to mitigate gate-current leakage in the PLL loop-filter capacitor. The quad cell consumes 73mW/link at 3.125Gbps with 500mV output swing(More)
The Latin American Group for Primary Immunodeficiencies, formed in 1993, presently includes 12 countries. One goal was to study the frequency of primary immunodeficiencies in various regions of the American continent and to enhance knowledge about these diseases among primary-care physicians, as well as allergist–immunologists. Important for this purpose(More)
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