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The TRPC3 channel, an intensively studied member of the widely expressed transient receptor potential (TRP) family, is a Ca(2+)-conducting channel activated in response to phospholipase C-coupled receptors. Despite scrutiny, the receptor-induced mechanism to activate TRPC3 channels remains unclear. Evidence indicates TRPC3 channels interact directly with(More)
We report here that PLC-gamma isoforms are required for agonist-induced Ca2+ entry (ACE). Overexpressed wild-type PLC-gamma1 or a lipase-inactive mutant PLC-gamma1 each augmented ACE in PC12 cells, while a deletion mutant lacking the region containing the SH3 domain of PLC-gamma1 was ineffective. RNA interference to deplete either PLC-gamma1 or PLC-gamma2(More)
Mutations in presenilin proteins (PS1 and PS2) are associated with most cases of early-onset Alzheimer's disease. Several proteins appear to regulate accumulation of PS proteins in cells. One such protein is ubiquilin-1, which increases levels of coexpressed PS2 protein in a dose-dependent manner. We now report that overexpression of ubiquilin-2, which is(More)
Ubiquilin was originally identified as a presenilin-interacting protein. We previously reported that ubiquilin interacts with both the loop and carboxyl terminus of presenilin proteins and that the ubiquitin-associated (UBA) domain of ubiquilin, which binds poly ubiquitin chains, is important for mediating this interaction. In the present study, we examined(More)
Ubiquilin proteins have been shown to interact with a wide variety of other cellular proteins, often regulating the stability and degradation of the interacting protein. Ubiquilin contains a UBL (ubiquitin-like) domain at the N-terminus and a UBA (ubiquitin-associated) domain at the C-terminus, separated by a central region containing Sti1-like repeats.(More)
Although the electrophysiological Japan properties of SOCs have been defined in certain cell types (Parekh and Penner, 1997), it is likely that several distinct channel activities mediate store-operated Ca 2ϩ Summary entry among different cells. Nevertheless, SOCs display some common features including a relatively slow rate We report here that PLC-␥(More)
Tritium-labeled prostaglandin F2 alpha was administered via orogastric tube to bile duct-cannulated suckling and weanling rats to determine if maturational differences were present in the biliary excretion of prostaglandin F2 alpha and metabolites. Animals were killed 2 h after radioactivity administration. Characterization of radioactivity present in bile(More)
This paper presents an alternative model to conventional feature filmmaking using <i>two different</i> games engines SIMS 2 and Half Life 2. This alternative method of narrative drama, i.e. telling stories via a hybrid machinima medium, is important in highlighting some of the potential that the new media 'auteur' approach provides individual filmmakers. By(More)