Diana Fonseca

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The visualization of architectural images has always been associated with physical models, panels and displays on large format computer screens. However, technological developments in the past decades have produced new interesting devices such as Smartphones or immersive displays. This evolution has created a new workflow that enables on-site management,(More)
It has been designed, built and executed a code for the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), compiled and executed in a cluster of 2 n computers under the operating system MacOS and using the routines MacMPI. As practical application, the code has been used to obtain the transformed from an astronomic imagen, to execute a lter on its and with a transformed inverse(More)
The present study is designed to test how immersion, presence, and narrative content (with a focus on emotional immersion) can affect one's pro-environmental attitude and behavior with specific interest in 360° videos and meat consumption as a non pro-environmental behavior. This research describes a between-group design experiment that compares two(More)
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