Diana Feller

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In the aging lung, the lung capacity decreases even in the absence of diseases. The progenitor cells of the distal lung, the alveolar type II cells (ATII), are essential for the repair of the gas-exchange surface. Surfactant protein production and survival of ATII cells are supported by lipofibroblasts that are peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor(More)
THE first published effort to record the intensity of radioactivity as a function of time over the heart following a single intravenous injection was by Prinzmetal and associates. They used a relatively unshielded Geiger tube and Na. Despite relative insensitivity of Geiger tubes to hard gamma rays, they were able to detect (by in vivo analysis) two peaks(More)
Leptin is a key catabolic regulator of food intake (FI) and energy expenditure. Both aging and obesity have been shown to induce leptin-resistance. The present study aimed to analyze age-related changes in the anorexigenic and hypermetabolic responsiveness to acute intracerebroventricular leptin administration in different age-groups of normally fed male(More)
To investigate the role of adrenergic receptor activity in dietary calcium-induced alterations in blood pressure, weanling spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) were placed on either high-calcium (2.0%) or low-calcium (0.1%) diets for 1-2 wk. Baseline blood pressure was higher and pressor responses to exogenous norepinephrine (NE) were greater in the SHR on(More)