Diana E. Woodward

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During the past two decades computerized tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) have permitted the detection of tumours at much earlier stages in their development than was previously possible. In spite of this earlier diagnosis the effects of earlier and more extensive treatments have been difficult to document. This failure has led to an(More)
We have developed a mathematical model based on proliferation and infiltration of neoplastic cells that allows predictions to be made concerning the life expectancies following various extents of surgical resection of gliomas of all grades of malignancy. The key model parameters are the growth rate and the diffusion rate. These rates were initially derived(More)
We present experimental results on the bacterium Salmonella typhimurium which show that cells of chemotactic strains aggregate in response to gradients of amino acids, attractants that they themselves excrete. Depending on the conditions under which cells are cultured, they form periodic arrays of continuous or perforated rings, which arise sequentially(More)
This paper shows that mathematical models of biological pattern formation are ideally suited to data parallelism. We present two new algorithms, one for simulating the dynamic structure of fibroblasts, and the other for studying the self-organization of motile bacteria. We describe implementations of these algorithms using a high level data parallel(More)
Competitive exclusion of salmonella by native gut microflora was studied in 24 groups of 100 chickens each started in thoroughly cleaned and sanitized isolation facilities. During 53-day test periods, infection by both Salmonella infantis and S. typhimurium was greatly restricted in groups previously treated with native microflora compared with control(More)
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