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Information Retrieval (IR) techniques have gained wide-spread acceptance as a method for automating traceability recovery. These techniques recover links between software artifacts based on their textual similarity, i.e., the higher the similarity, the higher the likelihood that there is a link between the two artifacts. A common problem with all IR-based(More)
Bladder augmentation with segments of the gastrointestinal tract is commonly used to treat patients with small or noncompliant bladders. Reliable data on the incidence of tumors in patients with enterocystoplasty are not available. In the small number of cases reported in the literature the mean latency period is approximately 18 years. We designed a study(More)
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small non-coding RNA molecules whose primary function is to regulate the expression of gene products via hybridization to mRNA transcripts, resulting in suppression of translation or mRNA degradation. Although miRNAs have been implicated in complex diseases, including cancer, their impact on distinct biological pathways and phenotypes(More)
......................................... Received: 07-09-10 Accepted: 05-10-10 Abstract This article presents the case of a 73 year old patient who was admitted to the hospital with acute abdominal pain. A midline laparotomy was performed in which a giant Meckel’s Diverticulum was found. It was complicated by necrosis of the diverticular tissue due to(More)
It is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the importance of aligning DNA and Protein sequences to infer properties of new sequences from well-known reference sequences established and sorted in genetics databanks. Many studies in recent years have focused on different implementations of Sequences Alignment Problems (SAP). However, researcher confused(More)
Advances in high-throughput technologies allow for measurements of many types of omics data, yet the meaningful integration of several different data types remains a significant challenge. Another important and difficult problem is the discovery of molecular disease subtypes characterized by relevant clinical differences, such as survival. Here we present a(More)
This paper presents a study designed to understand the effect of using a talking head in academic videos frequently used in video-based learning approaches, such Massive Open Online Courses. The experiment consisted of exposing participants to videos about different types of open software licenses. Each participant was exposed to 3 videos, each with a(More)
MicroRNAs play important roles in the development of many complex diseases. Because of their importance, the analysis of signaling pathways including miRNA interactions holds the potential for unveiling the mechanisms underlying such diseases. However, current signaling pathway databases are limited to interactions between genes and ignore miRNAs. Here, we(More)
With the explosion of high-throughput data, an effective integrative analysis is needed to decipher the knowledge accumulated in multiple studies. However, batch effects, patient heterogeneity, and disease complexity all complicate the integration of data from different sources. Here we introduce TOMAS, a novel meta-analysis framework that transforms the(More)