Diana D Rosa

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INTRODUCTION Intestinal parasitic infections have been reported in different regions of Argentina. Giardia intestinalis is recognized as "the national parasite". The aim of this work was to determine the prevalence of both intestinal parasites and G. intestinalis genotypes, as well as to analyze the clinical and epidemiological characteristics in(More)
Self-concept is a critical indicator of quality of life but few studies have examined this subject in children with Down syndrome (DS). In this study, we propose a novel methodology to assess the self-concept of children with DS by analyzing their responses towards two dolls, one with a "typically developing" (TD) appearance and one with the phenotypic(More)
UNLABELLED The Program for the Control of Intestinal Parasites and Nutrition was designed to intervene in small communities to prevent and control the effects of parasitic infections on children's health. OBJECTIVES To analyze the association between nutritional status and parasitic infection in suburban and rural children from Buenos Aires, Argentina. (More)
BACKGROUND The high frequency of alcohol related problems highlights the importance of its approach. The association of both the alcohol-abuse and alcohol related diseases has been pointed in the literature and are often the main reason for hospitalization. Physicians use different tools to detect abusive drinkers, and one of them is the CAGE-test,(More)
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