Diana Cristina González

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Frame duration is an essential parameter to ensure correct application of multifractal signal processing. This paper aims to identify the multifractal nature of speech signals through theoretical study and experimental verification. One important part of this pursuit is to select adequate ranges of frame duration that effectively display evidence of(More)
In this work we use a set of multifractal features, namely Variable Variance Gaussian Parameter (WGP), extracted from a cascade model of speech signals to improve the performances of a traditional speaker recognition approach. We describe in detail the stochastic cascade model used to represents these WGP features as well as the proper feature extraction(More)
It is well known that distributed source coding can improve the reliability and energy efficiency of wireless sensor networks by exploiting the correlation among sensing data. In this work, we strengthen the benefits of such an approach by proposing a simple, general, efficient power allocation scheme for an arbitrary amount of sensors. The proposed power(More)
This work provides new results for the separated encoding of correlated discrete memoryless sources. We address the scenario where an arbitrary number of auxiliary sources (a.k.a. helpers) are supposed to help decode a single primary source errorless. The rate-distortion analysis of such a system establishes the so-called many-help-one problem. We focus on(More)
Antenna selection has arisen as an attractive strategy in multi-antenna systems due to its reduced complexity and cost. In this paper, the outage performance of a distributed transmit antenna selection scheme for dual-hop fixed-gain amplify-and-forward relaying systems is investigated. Our analysis considers a multi-antenna source, a multi-antenna relay,(More)
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