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OBJECTIVES To describe aspects of delivery of health services after rape, including trade-offs, that would most influence choice of service, and to compare views of patients who had used such services with views of members of the community who may be future users or may have experienced barriers to service use. DESIGN Discrete choice analysis of stated(More)
This phenomenological study explored the meaning of spirituality in the lives of aging adults in Appalachia. Forty adult volunteers in varying states of health ranging in age from 59 to 94 years participated in focus groups. Through open-ended questions, respondents described their perceptions of spirituality, spirituality, and health, and the role of(More)
The tenth anniversary of the World Health Organisation's 'Safe Motherhood' initiative is being celebrated this year and the organisation is using the opportunity to assess critically its gains, its strengths and its weaknesses. South Africa has taken some bold steps to address maternal health services, specifically introducing free health care for pregnant(More)
  • D Conco
  • 1995
The purpose of this qualitative study was to discover the essential structure of spiritual care by obtaining detailed descriptions of the phenomenon from those who have received such care. Data were generated through open-ended interviews with 10 Christian volunteers and analyzed using Colaizzi's phenomenological approach. Findings revealed that spiritual(More)
This descriptive, exploratory study sought to determine how persons with chronic health problems define their experiences of health and illness and to collect information from these subjects regarding their ability to identify their health problems on the list of NANDA-approved nursing diagnoses. A convenience sample of 19 subjects was interviewed using(More)
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